Project for Strengthening of Centres for Social Work

The Project “Strengthening of Centres for Social Work on the Territory of the Republic of Serbia” was initiated by the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs towards the end of 2017, for the purpose of human resources reform on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Employees in the centres for social work will be trained using social welfare modes of the European Union member states. The project enables multiple benefits, not just for the primary target group and beneficiaries of CSW services, but for the broader social and economic status of the whole population, and Serbia’s reputation. The primary target group, that is, CSW employees will be professionally empowered, competent and organised. The quality of their services will be visibly improved, and transparent towards all beneficiaries, and Serbian citizens. Competent experts will hold adequate positions, and they will be able to address the challenges of the job in an organised fashion. CSW Strengthening with respect to employee potential means: sufficient number of employees; educated and qualified employees; safe employees; motivated employees, who perform their tasks free of stress; equipped employees, with enough physical space and instruments for work; system supported employees; employees with expertise; efficient employees; employees with good communication skills; employees with personal and professional integrity and self-confidence; employees free from occupational burnout, psychosomatic problems and leaves of absence. The knowledge, qualifications and personal work feelings of individual CWS employees will be representative of a pro-European social welfare system, modelled after social welfare systems of the European Union.


The implementation of the programme “Strengthening of Centres for Social Work on the Territory of the Republic of Serbia”brings visible benefits for CWS beneficiaries as well: resolution for all beneficiaries’ problems; expert guidance; efficient procedures for problem solving; safety of beneficiaries; beneficiaries’ satisfaction with CWS employee expertise; good communication with social institutions; options for future plans of beneficiaries; adequate physical conditions for work with beneficiaries; emotional stability and integrity of beneficiaries regarding their problems; constructive and common sense behaviour of beneficiaries. The list of problems is very broad, and all of them directly influence the social community, through actions which have a direct effect on human lives. Since the abovementioned is primarily in relation to social categories at risk, the depraved and poor, the consequence would be that of decreased frequency of pathological behaviour in the society at large. One of the indicators of a country’s development is its developed social welfare system. The programme “Strengthening of Centres for Social Work on the Territory of the Republic of Serbia” highlights the efforts Serbia is making on its road to membership in the European Union. Modern implementation mechanisms for social welfare programmes are beneficial for users and employees, both at the national and local levels. The social welfare system of the Republic of Serbia should enable the preservation of human lives, improvement of their quality, and restore faith in the future, and faith in the state as an institution.


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