Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Serbia (OSCE)

In the pipeline


1. Programme of support to economic migrations in Serbia

The mandate of the OSCE’s Office responsible for coordinating economic and environmental activities (OCEEA) is focussed on strengthening legal labour migrations policy and regulations aimed at optimisation of economic and social benefits for the countries of origin and destination, as well as for migrants.

The missions are carried out for the purpose of needs assessment, interest research, understanding of the challenges in the field of legal labour and/or education migrations, including migrations relating to the return and taking into account the overall migration process: pre-migration period (fair recruiting and skills acknowledging, information and orientation prior to departure), migration process (documentation, travel, first reception), the experience at host country (working and social inclusion, participation), return experience (social rights mobility, working and social reintegration, acquired skill acknowledging). Special attention is paid to women and young migrants and to the role of local authorities in planning and implementing practices relating to migration management.  

Several meetings will be held with various state institutions and civil sector organisations to gather detailed information on the needs in this area and give proposals for the implementation of potential projects, taking care to avoid overlapping with other international organisations, and to build capacities for linking different participants.

During projects implementation, the OSCE will negotiate with the EU and with other international organisations.

When the needs are clearly defined and decisions made, discussion on funding by the OSCE will start.


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